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This year most girls have returned to school after being out nearly a year due to the Covid lockdown. We asked many of the students, “Why did you come back to school, after a year of lockdown? Why did you not get married, when your family ran out of money during the pandemic, like many other girls?” We heard the same message repeated by many of the returning students.


“We knew that you would call us back, and that we would have money to continue school, so we waited.”


On Colorado Gives Day, you can help – We want to see them graduate!

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Thank you for attending our 1st and 2nd Cooking Demonstrations

South Sudanese Cooking Class

Our next class was be
January 2022
Please check back for updated

The video for our second virtual cooking demonstration with South Sudanese Chef, Dr. Noela Mogga will be uploaded shortly.  We hope you will join us to watch Dr. Mogga demonstrate three dishes and then make your meal on your own after the demonstration.

Please consider making a donation.  We suggest a household donation of $10

Did you miss the first cooking demonstration?
You can watch the entire demonstration by clicking HERE.
We're Turning 15!

We've watched as South Sudan has become the world's newest nation.  It's young women are hungry for education and eager to take on leadership roles.

Our Story

South Sudan is a fast-changing environment and since 2005, when PESS was formed, we have been adaptable in finding ways to best fulfill our educational mission. 

Co-Founder's Message

PESS co-founder Carol Francis Rinehart sends her greetings on our 15th birthday and talks about the origins of Project Education South Sudan.

COVID-19 in South Sudan

 Like all other nations, South Sudan is facing a potential crisis. This article provides a timely update on the severity of the situation.

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Find out how you can participate with Project Education South Sudan and make a difference today!

In Gratitude

Our success would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of our partners.

Thank you for taking this journey with us!


In our fifteen year history, we have educated hundreds of South Sudanese youth.

Many have gone on to make significant contributions as leaders in their communities and in their new nation.

PESS Events

Our events have kept us in touch with our community of supporters and enabled us to educate about our programs in South Sudan.