Melody Delaney

Melody is finishing a Master’s of International Development at the Korbel School within the University of Denver. She started on this journey because of a transformative visit to the Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she learned about state-sanctioned mass atrocities in history and the current day. The genocide in Darfur had been raging for two years. This high school field trip was the catalyst for a deep-seated passion for humanitarian rights in East Africa, particularly the Sudan. Melody has worked with PESS as a volunteer since 2016 and was one of the authors of Project Education South Sudan: Challenges and Accomplishment in Female Education in South Sudan, which was published in The Applied Anthropologist.

Project Education South Sudan
               Preparing Tomorrow's South Sudanese Leaders

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PESS funds local programs that provide comprehensive secondary education to prepare young women in South Sudan to thrive in a global society.